Interim Management

VALCO was engaged as de facto Chief Operating Officer by the entrepreneur founders of a $60 million service company operating 265 branches in 7 states to assess the current business, assist in formulating a "new" short term strategy & tactics and to define the profile of a permanent President & COO.


During this four month engagement, VALCO:


          - Assessed P&L and Operating performance in all Company operated



          - Assessed the Organization strengths & weaknesses in each market.


          - Evaluated the Operating process (best practices et al)


          - Validated unit economics by market.


          - Assessed Headquarters (Staff) contribution to revenue and profit



          - Mentored the selection and introduction (including training) of a new 

            enterprise operating system that was successfully rolled out to all 265

            branches in a 60 day period.


          - Facilitated the formulation of the Company's "immediate" priorities and

            the "Annual Goals & Objectives.


          - Assisted in formulating the profile for a permanent President & COO.


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