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VALCO can provide the total management resource to assist you in managing challeging transitions, including: start-ups, new market development, market exit, operations turnaround and consolidation.



We assisted an emerging Mid-West provider of small loans in the development of 35 branches in five western states.


VALCO developed the initial market entry strategy and executed the branch expansion time table.


  • Identified suitable retail sites (that met the standards expressed in the expansion strategy) and negotiated lease terms.
  • Applied for and secured all applicable business licenses/permits at the state, county and municipal levels.
  • Sourced and supervised the leasehold build-out, equipment installation and furnishings for each location.
  • Recruited, trained and supervised the local operations staff and regional managers.
  • "Turned over", (to the client) five fully functioning markets in 18 months.

We led the very successful start-up of a Texas small loan company.
VALCO acting as CEO/COO of a Texas small loan start-up, led that company from a simple "vision" to 16 highly successful operating branches in eighteen months.
  • Articulated the "vision" in a comprehensive start-up plan that defined targeted markets, site criteria, organization development, product offering & pricing, marketing and unit economics.
  • Executed the plan, opening the first operating branch in 6 months and the sixteenth in 20 months.
  • Developed a highy effective operating organization
  • Revenue and Cash Flow from operating units exceded industry performance by at least two times in all 16 branches.


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