VALCO's Marketing practice is ready to assist you as an adjunct to your Marketing Department or in an Interim Management role to formulate strategic and tactical plans that will build brand awareness and customer trial that lead to strong repeat business.


Our approach to Local Store Marketing programs strives to engage Operations Management throughout the planning and design process. This ensures the client an end product that fits your operating system and, equally as important, builds management "buy-in" before the final program is released.


        Regional co-promotions tailored to enlist the enthusiastic support

        of shopping center "co-tenants" and other neighboring merchants who

        serve the same customer base. 


        New and unique ways to carry-out cost effective neighborhood



        Direct mail and "other" techniques that will ensure cost effective 

        circulation of  your sales message to a targeted neighborhood audience.


We are also prepared to assist you in designing methods to effectively monitor customer satisfaction.






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